Year:Form 2
School: Kivaywa Boys High School

My name is Joash and I am 15 years old. I was born in the Bungoma District, Kenya in 2003. I completed my primary education at Webuye Primary School in 2016 and despite receiving very good exam results, I knew that my chances of attending secondary school were very slim due to lack of funds to pay school fees. My father passed away when I was just a year old so my mum has been raising us alone for my whole life. My mum washes clothing for a living and earns very little money from this work. Being a single mum with no consistent income, she struggles to take care of my siblings and I and she often can't afford to pay the 1000KSH ($10) rent per month. 

I have moved to many different primary schools throughout my childhood as I was never able to stay enrolled for long as my mum couldn't pay my school fees. 

I dream of helping my mum to live a better life. I would love to become an electrical engineer when I am older and I will work hard to achieve this goal. 

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